Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Destination Space (1959) John Agar


 Joseph Pevney


 Alford Van Ronkel (as Rip Van Ronkel)


 Harry TownesJohn AgarCharles Aidman 

A space station in Earth orbit is hit by a meteor, the station and crew survive, but a projected moon launch is delayed. This was a pretty cool pilot for a TV show that was never accepted. The sets on board the space station were exceptional for the time period. The cast was great and you know the names, John Agar (Mr Sci-Fi), Harry Townes and Charles Aidman, both were seen regularly on TV, the great character actor Cecil Kellaway, and of course Edward Platt (the Chief from Get Smart). Also of note is Joseph Pevney who directed a few Star Trek shows. The middle of this film is mostly character development and a little dull, but for science fiction lovers of 1950's films, this is a must see.   ★★1/2

John Agar

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