Friday, October 20, 2017

Johnny Belinda (1982) Richard Thomas


 Anthony Page


 Elmer Harris (play), Sue Millburn 


 Richard ThomasRosanna ArquetteDennis Quaid

William Richmond is a dedicated aid worker, sent to a small southern community to help the poor. While there William meets Belinda, a young deaf mute, whose father wants no help. In time William teaches Belinda sign language and she starts to come out of her shell. Belinda is raped during a party, three months later its found out she is pregnant. The story gets dramatic when the father decides he wants to take the baby from Belinda. Great cast and performances in this made for TV tearjerker. Belinda played by Rosanna Arquette gives an Emmy winning performance as the deaf mute girl. Please be advised this film could bring you to tears, it did me.  ★★★  

Richard Thomas & Rosanna Arquette

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