Thursday, October 12, 2017

One Step Beyond (TV 1961) The Executioner


 John Newland


 Bob DuncanWanda Duncan 


 Crahan DentonBuzz MartinJeremy Slate

A lost Confederate solider, along with his dog, steal food from a Union camp. He is caught and framed as a spy by a diabolical Union Colonel, who did it just to get a General off his back. The dog is tied up and begins howling for his master. The howling upsets the Colonel who puts two slugs in the poor dog. The Confederate soldier unaware that his dog is dead, makes a last request to see his beloved animal. One Step Beyond was a great TV program, that first aired in 1959 several months ahead of the Twilight Zone. In some respects I like the show better than the TZ because they were based on true stories. Many strange events took place during the Civil War, or as my teacher used to call it "the war of Northern aggression", and "The Executioner" is a humdinger. One Step Beyond was a fine program that can still be enjoyed thanks to channels like Broken Trout.

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