Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Three Blondes in His Life (1961) Jock Mahoney


 Leon Chooluck


 George Moskov (screenplay), William Francis (story)


 Jock MahoneyGreta ThyssenJesse White

Jock Mahoney is insurance investigator Duke Wallace, Duke's boss sends him to LA to find a missing colleague. In LA Duke finds three blonds, who were all involved with the missing investigator, all needed seducing by Duke, in the line of work mind you. But Duke suspects all three of them, as he puts the clues together. Not too much action in this film noir, but the story and the beautiful broads keep your interest. Elaine Edwards as Lois Collins, Valerie Porter as Martha Carr and the voluptuous European beauty Greta Thyssen as Helen Fortner. Oh, and lets not forget the company secretary played by Darlene Hendricks, she could take dictation on my lap any day. Lovable Jesse White plays LA boss Ed Kelly. Jock Mahoney is cool and smart as he gets to the truth with Three Blondes in His Life.★★★

Jock Mahoney

Jock Mahoney & Jesse White

Greta Thyssen

Jock Mahoney eyes Darlene Hendricks

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  1. I met Jock Mahoney in the early 1960s when I was a teenager at 6 Gun Territory in Florida. I found him to be very friendly, he let me take his picture and I got his autograph. I remember him best on TV as Yancy Derringer.