Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tobor the great (1954) Charles Drake


 Lee Sholem


 Philip MacDonald (screenplay), Carl Dudley (story)


 Charles DrakeKarin BoothBilly Chapin

Professor Nordstrom (Taylor Holmes) invents a robot named Tobor (robot spelled backwards) to fly the first spaceship. He is helped by Dr. Ralph Harrison (Charles Drake) who resigned his government job in protest over human testings on pilots. Nordstrom's grandson Gadge (Billy Chapin) discovers the professors underground lab and the robot Tobor. Add in a spy that wants the secret of Tobor and you have a cold war thriller. This movie has had some bad reviews over the years but I found it entertaining. Tobor is pretty cool and somehow this machine can drive a jeep like a pro. If you dig robots you'll love Tobor.★★★

Charles Drake test Tobor

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