Sunday, October 22, 2017

Zydereen of Neptune (1955) Steve Holland


 Gunther von Fritsch (as Gunther v. Fritsch)


 Edward Gruskin (screenplay)


 Steve HollandIrene ChamplinJoseph Nash

Zydereen, the "Witch of Neptune," plots to take over every planet in the galaxy. Zydereen captures and brain drains Dr. Zarkov and Commander Richards. Flash rockets to Saturn to clear Zarkov and Richards and save the planet. As I started watching this film I thought it was going to be really bad, but to my surprise, it was good. Sure the sets are cheesy, the acting is mediocre, but it was a good story, and held my interest. Keep in mind this was made for TV and filmed in West Berlin, but for the time and place the productions values are not bad. ★★★

Steve Holland

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