Saturday, November 11, 2017

Beyond the Moon (1954) Richard Crane


 Hollingsworth Morse


 Warren Wilson


 Richard CraneScotty BeckettSally Mansfield 

Rocky rockets to Ophiucius to rescue Professor Newton and Bobby. While affecting the rescue, Rocky must thwart the evil doings of an ex-Space Ranger named Griff. Vena (Sally Mansfield) pulls up in front of headquarters in what I thought was a custom Jaguar, I was wrong, after some research I found the futuristic looking car was a Grantham Stardust. The Grantham Motorcar company lasted about 2 years during which time they built a total of 12 cars/car bodies, the company was based in Hollywood California. Currently, four Stardust's have been found leaving seven more Grantham Stardust cars whose whereabouts are unknown. Another unidentified auto in this movie is found on Ophiucius, driven by Rocky as a getaway car. ★★★

Vena and Rocky with the Grantham Stardust

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