Sunday, November 26, 2017

Crash of Moons (1954) Richard Crane


 Hollingsworth Morse


 Warren Wilson


 Richard CraneScotty BeckettSally Mansfield

Two inhabited moons locked in orbit are on a collision course. Rocky must help the people of Ophiucius and the gypsy moon Posito. But the clever and treacherous Cleolantra wants no help from a man especially Rocky Jones. Crash of Moons, guest staring John Banner, was a fun chapter in the Rocky Jones series. John Banner was delightful as Bavarro, as was his wife Potonda played by the lovely Maria Palmer, their baby crib reminded me of my dads old barbecue, LOL. The science in Rocky Jones should not be taken seriously, this was intended to be an entertaining space opera. The kids watching this in the 1950s wanted explanations and so Rocky and Professor Newton treated us to a lecture in pseudo-science. Cleolanta (Patsy Parsons) is the Suzerain of Ophiucius, they never explain what a Suzerain is, but it must be like a Führer or something. But her despotic rule must have ended in this chapter. Rocky Jones taught children right and wrong and who the enemy was.  ★★★ 

John Banner & Patsy Parsons

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