Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Framed (1930) Evelyn Brent


 George Archainbaud


 Paul Schofield (screenplay), Wallace Smith (dialogue)


 Evelyn BrentRegis ToomeyRalf Harolde

Evelyn Brent plays Rose Manning, Rose learns that the one person in life she cared about, her father, has been killed in a shootout with the cops, she blames the cops and swears her revenge. This was a fun early talky gangster movie, good story with some great actors. No Pre-Code inclusions except we see Evelyn Brent showing off her legs and in a negligee at 11:25, what a sweet looking dame. Evelyn Brent was a great actress, very popular in the 1920's and 30's. At 25:35 one of my favorite songs, A Little Kiss Each Morning, also featured in the 1929 movie musical The Vagabond Lover. 
So don't be a sucker, watch Framed, or our errand boy Bing will get you.★★★

Evelyn Brent

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