Friday, November 10, 2017

Silver Needle in the Sky (1954)


 Hollingsworth Morse


 Fritz Blocki


 Richard CraneSally MansfieldMaurice Cass

Diplomats are kidnapped by Cleolanta while enroute to a space conference. The first thing that caught my eye in this film was Sally Mansfield pulling up to headquarters in a Jaguar sport coupe, at the time a very futuristic looking car. You gotta love the dialog, Rocky was a bit chauvinistic as when he told Vena to pack her lipstick, but this was the early 1950's, and as Vena said, her lipstick is more important than oxygen. Rocky's ship docking with the space station was cool, something erotic about that. I think they made about 15 features from the TV series, they are all fun, hope to see them all.  ★★★

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