Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stark Fear (1962) Beverly Garland


 Ned HockmanSkip Homeier (uncredited)


 Dwight V. Swain (original screenplay)


 Beverly GarlandSkip HomeierKenneth Tobey

This is the story of husband and wife, a wife who loves a obsessive and pathologically unstable husband. The wife, played by Beverly Garland, had the audacity to get a job, the husband, Skip Homeier, freaks-out, and on his birthday. Great cast with Beverly Garland starring, shes sexy, shes vulnerable and above all believable. You may remember Beverly from numerous TV guest spots and her own series "Decoy" in which she plays Casey Jones a NY cop. A much underrated actor, Skip Homeier, is so believable you want to put him out of everyone's misery. Skip died June 25, 2017 and had been retired from acting since the 1980s. Kenneth Tobey is another excellent actor, do you remember him in "The Thing From Another World" (1951), or his TV series Whirlybirds? Stark Fear is a good psychological thriller that almost has a documentary feel to it, which makes it that much more believable. ★★★

Beverly Garland

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