Thursday, November 2, 2017

Teenage Wolfpack (1956) Horst Buchholz


 Georg Tressler


 Will Tremper 


 Horst BuchholzKarin BaalChristian Doermer

This is the story of two brothers, Jan a straight young man still living at home, and Freddy a hip, corrupt delinquent. Jan's parents need some dough, Freddy wants a car and his girlfriend, well she wants it all. Jan asks Freddy for the money, and Freddy agrees, but Freddy's help involves a mail truck heist and unknown danger for Jan. 
This was a very good film, especially coming from West Germany, it's got action, love interest and one of my favorite cars, a 1950 Buick Special, which Freddy intends to buy after he steals the money. Horst Buchholz as Freddy, was convincing as the cool young hustler. Karin Baal as Sissy does a fine job as Freddy's beautiful, but two timing, girlfriend. This film was dubbed from German, I generally don't like dubbing, but in this case it was well done. In fact the whole film was well made and had kind of a "film noir" feel about it.   ★★★

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