Monday, November 27, 2017

The Saint Louis Bank Robbery (1959) Steve McQueen


 Charles GuggenheimJohn Stix


 Richard T. Heffron (screenplay) (as Richard Heffron)


 Steve McQueenCrahan DentonDavid Clarke

George Fowler (Steve McQueen) wants to go back to college, but to pay his way he has decided to throw in with a gang and rob a bank. For George Fowler this gig is a one time deal, for his ex-girlfriend its a one way ticket to hell. The girl in question Ann (Molly McCarthy) goes nuts and writes a message of the robbery on the bank window. The Saint Louis Bank Robbery is good film noir based on a true story. Filmed on location in St. Louis the movie has a documentary feel to it. The story of course is made up but the bank robbery is very close to the truth even using a real cop who shot one of the bandits. The Saint Louis Bank Robbery, planned like goes off like a time bomb!★★★

Steve McQueen

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