Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Big Combo (1955) Cornel Wilde


 Joseph H. Lewis (as Joseph Lewis)


 Philip Yordan (by)


 Cornel WildeRichard ConteJean Wallace

A hard boiled police detective named Diamond (Cornel Wilde) is in love with a mobsters girl. The mobster in question, Mr. Brown (Richard Conte) who's success in life, in his own words is, hate, hate the man that try's to beat you, kill him! Diamond is the man to beat him as he states, I'm going to open you up and operate. Some great lines in this movie, excellent cinematography and lighting set the perfect mood for this classic film noir. What a cast, including Brian Donlevy, Lee Van Cleef, Earl Holliman and the beautiful Helene Stanton as Rita the showgirl in love with Diamond. Some good jazz music top off this film, look for the drum solo by Shelly Manne, used to torture Diamond. The Big Combo is a must see for film noir fans. ★★★
Jean Wallace &  Cornel Wilde

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