Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Undertow (1949) Scott Brady


Director: William Castle           

Writers: Arthur T. Horman    

Stars: Scott Brady, John Russell, Dorothy Hart, Peggy Dow

Tony Reagan dreams of living on his new lodge with his yet to be wife, but fate has other plans for him. Tony sets out for Chicago to see his girl and make peace with her uncle. But his detractors don't like the idea and need a fall guy. Framed for a murder he did not commit he must clear himself with the help of a cop. Undertow is a fine little B picture from Columbia. The tagline for this movie was "Every bullet in Chicago had his name on it!", not sure about that but every cop was out to get him except one who believed his story. Some fine shots of Reno and Chicago from 1949, and the beautiful Peggy Dow make this noir film worth watching.★★★


Peggy Dow & Scott Brady



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