Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Over-Exposed (1956) Cleo Moore



Director: Lewis Seiler           


Stars: Cleo Moore, Richard Crenna, Isobel Elsom 


This is the story of a smart beautiful woman who becomes an expert in photography. That Baton Rouge babe Cleo Moore plays Lila Crane, a girl big on brains but short on luck. This was one of her last pictures, Cleo left showbiz in 1957 at age 33. Less than a week before her 49th birthday Cleo died of a heart attack on October 25, 1973. Richard Crenna was excellent as the love interest, he had a very long career in film and TV, many people still remember him fondly. Over-Exposed was an excellent film that will keep your interest, not only for the gorgeous Cleo Moore but an interesting plot and some clever dialogue. This is a memorable film that will be seen again. ★★★★

             Richard Crenna & Cleo Moore

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