Monday, August 6, 2018

Confidential (1935) Donald Cook

Director: Edward L. Cahn
Stars: Donald Cook, Evalyn Knapp, Warren Hymer 

G man Dave Elliott (Donald Cook) goes undercover to get the "Big Guy" in a numbers racket mob. Naturally he finds love along the way in the form of the lovely Evalyn Knapp, who was a leading lady in many "B" movies and serials of the 30s and 40s. Warren Hymer plays Midget a not very bright numbers runner. Hymer was fun to watch in this film and funny too, Hymer had a real life drinking problem and showed up for work drunk at a picture, Columbia chief Harry Cohn had him thrown off the lot. Hymer got his revenge though by urinating on Cohn's desk. Hymer died in 1948 at the age of 42. A great "B" list cast, and some clever dialog make Confidential a must see for fans of this era in film.   ★★★

Donald Cook

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